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New for the 19-20 School Year: White Rice

School lunches will now be served with white instead of brown rice. Through feedback and surveys, students have voiced that they prefer white rice. In July 2019, the USDA updated the whole grain standards for the National School Lunch Program, which allows us to serve enriched white rice, a product with a similar nutrition profile to brown rice. The transition to white rice is the only change being made to the grain products on our menu. All other grain products will continue to be whole grain-rich. 

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Refresh Meals

We're moving towards more freshly prepared food in the district. We’re currently serving in-house made Refresh meals at 21 schools as of the 19-20 school year! At our middle and high schools, we're upgrading equipment and training staff to prepare more meals in-house. As facilities are upgraded to prepare and serve fresh food, our procurement practices can improve as well. We strive to source local and sustainable products whenever possible, including California-grown produce and products from local small businesses.

Our Refresh menu is developed through student taste tests and in alignment with the five core values of the Good Food Purchasing Program: local economies, environmental sustainability, valued workforce, animal welfare, and nutrition. Learn more about our goal to nourish our students with good food.

Heat and Serve Meals

SFUSD partners with Revolution Foods to provide meals to schools with limited kitchen facilities. Revolution Foods sources high-quality ingredients and all meals are free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, MSG, benzoates, bromates, sulfites, hydrogenated fat, BHA, BHT, TBHQ and sodium nitrites/nitrates. These meals meet or exceed SFUSD Nutrition Guidelines, which are among the highest standards in the country for school meals. The meals are packaged in their San Lorenzo, CA facility, refrigerated, and delivered to schools daily.

Revolution Foods conducts taste tests with SFUSD students when crafting new recipes and introducing new menu items to gather feedback on the meals. All meals must receive a high rating to be added to and remain on the menu. Questions about our partnership with Revolution Foods? Contact us.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Meals come with a variety of seasonal fruit and fresh vegetables. We strive to source local and sustainable products whenever possible. In August, California peaches and plums were on the menu!


Meals come with a choice of 1% or fat-free milk. Every cafeteria also has a water station available to students. Sparkling water is available for $1.25 at high schools. 

More Ways to Access Meals

We’re piloting additional ways for students to get a healthy lunch at school. Grab n’ Go Service Lines are stationed outside of the cafeteria area, providing a convenient way for students to access meals without having to deal with long lines and hectic spaces. Vending machines stocked with freshly packed meals provide an opportunity for students to get a meal outside of typical cafeteria hours, or after school.

For more information on lunch at SFUSD, email SchoolLunch@sfusd.edu or call 415-749-3604.

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