About Pathway to Teaching

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Program Highlights

  • Teach while earning a credential, salary, and benefits 

  • Tuition is a fraction of the cost of most other teacher preparation programs

  • Coursework is a blend of online independent work and in-person evening and Saturday sessions

  • Engage in weekly coaching, support, and supervision with district experts in your credential area

Program Overview

Pathway to Teaching is an equity-centered and social justice oriented teacher education program. Harnessing the power of community, feedback, and technology, you will learn to set the high bar for social-emotional learning and academic excellence that your students deserve.

Credential Areas

As a program accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, Pathway to Teaching credentials in three areas: 

  • Multiple Subject (K-5)
  • Multiple Subject (K-5) + Bilingual Spanish Authorization
  • Education Specialist, Mild/Moderate Special Education (K-12)

Summer Pre-Service Preparation (PSP)- Coursework & Field Work

  • Intensive preparation and clinical experience in your credential area, with embedded coursework and coaching
  • Teach in a "Learning Lab" classroom with an experienced Teacher Educator and 2-3 other Pathway teacher candidates
  • Participate in afternoon coaching with your Teacher Educator and small group of peers to analyze and reflect upon teaching and learning and plan for upcoming lessons
  • Engage in content-specific mini-courses taught by district content specialists 

Academic Year- Coursework

  • Online modules specific to credential area, focused on serving students with special needs, English Language Development for English Language Learners, literacy, math, science, health, and social science
  • Modules include videos, journal entries, interactive quizzes, and culminating assignments that receive targeted feedback from course instructors

Continuous Support & Supervision and Professional Learning

  • Attend a combination of in-person sessions & online webinars
  • Engage with site and district practitioners who can support your development (e.g. literacy coaches, special education content specialists, instructional reform facilitators)

Coaching & Assessment

  • High-touch coaching and support from an expert in your credential area
  • Weekly 1:1 sessions including observations, real-time coaching and feedback, modeling and rehearsal, lesson planning, student work analysis, and assessment of progress
  • Monthly small group coaching with your coach cohort focused on cultivating resilience and community


  • Tuition for Pathway to Teaching is $5,000. Tuition payments are made as 10 monthly payroll deductions beginning with the October paycheck.
  • Teachers should also anticipate the following costs:
    • Fingerprinting: $49-$98
    • Certificate of Clearance: $52.50
    • Intern Credential: $100
    • CPR Clearance: $35
    • Preliminary Certification: $100
  • Earn Continuing Education Units toward salary increase on the SFUSD pay scale

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