Group of students at the US Securities Dept.


During their junior year, students take two courses; Accounting/Business in a Global Economy.  During the first semester, students learn about accounting cycle. Students are real estate developers documenting all financial transactions through the game of Monopoly. Students go through the accounting cycle to create financial statements to pitch their the financial health of their real estate business. Students also learn how to file taxes and use Quickbooks. Second semester begins their exploration into Business in a Global Economy. Students learn about US trade agreements and how they affect businesses. In the spring, students take field trips to the financial district, participate in job shadowing, visit financial offices, and have in-class guest speakers. 

Students doing mock interviews

Throughout the year, students upgrade and improve their Microsoft Office skills to better prepare them for the working world.


A paid internship is available in the summer for six weeks between their junior and senior year. Students are placed in businesses throughout the city; primarily located in the financial district.

Students and a mentor during a tour


  • US History with Mr. Ruelas
  • American Literature with. Mr. Sylvester
  • Algebra 2 with Mr. Raygosa
  • Accounting/International Business with Ms. V.Lee
Students standing in front of a statue


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