Teacher Academy


Teacher Academy


Ever considered a career working with children? Sharpen your professional, leadership and presentational skills while having fun with a classroom of elementary school students weekly in the Teacher Academy. In all three years, students spend one block period a week volunteering at Sunset, Ulloa, Stevenson or Feinstein Elementary as a teacher's assistant --- leading activities, playing at recess and working one-on-one with students. In class, sophomores in Introduction to Education participate in career exploration, college campus tours, and technology training to help build important career and study skills. Juniors take Child Development Honors, which is also eligible for CCSF/CSU transferable credit.  Seniors take Child, Family and Community to learn about the variety of careers and aspects of society that impact children and youth. During the summers, students can work paid internships in SFUSD middle schools and community organizations while attending class at CCSF and earning UC/CSU transferable college units. Through their cohort classes and work experience, students gain first hand knowledge of what it takes to be a professional and to work with children. 



The Teacher Academy program works very closely with the Human Resources Department at SFUSD. Teacher Academy students are given the opportunity to apply for the SF Paraprofessional to Teacher program.

The San Francisco Paraprofessional to Teacher Program (PTTP) is a collaborative program involving the district (SFUSD), union (UESF), and colleges (San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco). Their goal is to recruit and support paraprofessionals to become credentialed, exemplary teachers in the District's high need areas of Special Education, Secondary Mathematics, Science, and BCLAD teachers. 

Before graduation, all students have the opportunity to receive Pediatric CPR & First Aid Training and take the CBEST Credentialing Exam, making them qualified to become part/full-time paraprofessionals upon high school graduation and work with the PTTP to obtain a full teaching credential.  

In addition to teaching, the Teacher Academy also offers great insight into many other professions working with children, including counselors, pediatric nurses, pediatricians, social workers, psychologists, therapists and more.



Sophomore Year

1 World History (unless AP) Grayson
2 Physics Levin
3 English 2 Gratch
4 Any World Language  
5 Any Math  
6 Introduction to Education [intern @ Ulloa, Sunset] Lindow

(optional) Paid Summer Internship + CCSF Class CDEV78 (CSU Transferable) + Health Credit


Junior Year

1 Algebra 2 (unless accelerated) Wong
2 American Literature (unless AP) Lindow
3 Child Development Honors *CCSF credit available [intern @ DiFi, RL Stevenson] Hiroi
4 U.S. History (unless AP) Ziegler
5 Any Science, World Language, Elective  
6 Any Science, World Language, Elective  

(optional) Paid Summer Internship + CCSF Class CDEV75 (UC/CSU Transferable) + Health Credit


Senior Year

1 Any English, Elective  
2 Amer Gov/Econ Ziegler
3 Any English, Elective  
4 Child, Family, and Community [intern @ DiFi, RL Stevenson] Tesorero
5 Any English, Elective  
6 Any English, Elective  



Sophomore Year

  • Sophomore Year Elective: Introduction to Education
  • Core Class: Social Studies and English
  • Volunteer at Sunset or Ulloa Elementary School

Junior Year

  • Junior Year Elective: Child Development Honors
  • Core Class: Social Studies and English
  • Volunteer at Dianne Feinstein or Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School

Summer Year 2

  • Internship in SFUSD Middle School
  • City College San Francisco Course
  • Secondary Supervised Instruction: 3 units

Senior Year 

  • Senior Year Elective: Child, Family, and Community
  • Core Class: Social Studies
  • Volunteer at Dianne Feinstein or Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School

Years 4-7

  • Passage of CBEST
  • Internship in SFUSD High School
  • City College San Francisco Courses: 3 units
  • Part time Employment as Paraprofessional
  • Para to Teacher Program SFUSD
  • Enrollment in CCSF or SFSU

Year 8

  • Completion of a Teacher Credential Program
  • Student Teaching or Internship



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Beatrice Tesorero TesoreroB@sfusd.edu

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