Students at a baseball park


Students begin their journey in the Business Academy in their sophomore year. To prepare students to work in business or become entrepreneurs, students learn personal finance skills in Principles of Finance. Through the Game of Life simulation, students research careers, potential homes, and transportations to create budgets, pay bills, and balance a check books. Students also have opportunity to invest in stocks, bonds, and financial markets. In the spring semester, students learn about the importance of marketing in business and the different influences customers, social media, and influencers make on the success of product or service. Student create their own market research to better understand potential customers and the current market. Students participate in field trips to financial offices and marketing and advertising agencies. 

Students listening to a tour guide


  • Modern World with Mr. Grayson
  • Principles of Finance/Intro to Marketing with Ms. V.Lee
  • 10th Grade English with Mr. Crotwell
  • Physics with Mr. Miller 

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