So Many Choices

If you see a hyperlink on the sport name then it will take you to the schedule for the year.

Check out how the bulldogs are doing.


Sport Coach(es)

Volleyball - Girls

Carly Daniels

Cross Country - Mixed

Annicia Jones

Tennis - Girls

Clarissa Huang

Golf - Girls

Coach Johnson


Sport Coach(es)

Basketball - Girls Varsity

James Taylor

Basketball - Boys Varsity 

Dean Wilson

Basketball - Girls JV

Allen Hom

Basketball - Boys JV

Jeffrey Sunada

Soccer - Boys

Carlos Paz

Soccer - Girls

Annica Jones


Sport Coach(es)

Fencing - Mixed

Rafael Musni

Golf - Boys

Todd Eshima

Tennis - Boys

Clarissa Huang

Baseball - Boys

Coach Johnson

Softball - Girls

Daniel Moroney

Track - Mixed

Dean Wilson

Swimming - Mixed

Craig Lauphiemer

Volleyball - Boys


Flag Football - Girls

Jeffery Sunada

Badminton - Mixed

Jacob Barkemeyer