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One team is still competing this year and it is the Bulldog eSport team.

Their most recent League of Legends competition was on Nov. 10th and they won 2 games to none against our northern neighbors the Burnaby North Vikings (Canada).

esport results Nov. 10th

Here are the team members:

Joshua Demesa 

Tyler Shuen 

Wesley Deng

John Fong 

Eric Li 

Stanley Dieu

So Many Choices

Due to COVID19 no sports will be played until further notice. Site will be updated with more info when sports starts up again.


If you see a hyperlink on the sport name then it will take you to the schedule for the year.


Sport Coach

Volleyball - Girls Varsity

Gabe Morse

Cross Country - Mixed

DeWayne Scurry

Tennis - Girls

Marcus Steinback

Golf - Girls

Andrew Schroeder


Sport Coach(es)

Basketball - Girls Varsity

James "JT" Taylor

Assistant Coach:
Craig Laupheimer

Basketball - Girls JV

Alan Hom

Basketball - Boys Varsity

Dean Wilson

Basketball - Boys Frosh Soph

Dion Wilson

Wrestling - Mixed

(empty on purpose)

Soccer - Boys

Andrew Schroeder

Assistant Coach:
Sarah Prensky Pomeranz

Soccer - Girls

Annicia Jones

Assistant Coach:
Daniel Maroney


Sport Coach

Fencing - Mixed

Rafael Munsi

Golf - Boys

Todd Eshima

Tennis - Boys

Marcus Steinback

Baseball - Boys

Gary Johnson

Softball - Girls

Margarite Waddell

Track - Mixed

DeWayne Scurry

Swimming - Mixed

Nolan Bethely

Volleyball - Boys

Craig Laupheimer

Flag football - Girls

Jeffery Sunada and Gary Johnson

Badminton - Mixed

Frank Ye