Senior Timeline

Steps for your Senior Year

Rising Senior Summer

- Enjoy your summer.
- Take SAT/ACT if you haven't already.
- Recharge and relax. This summer is your last in high school.
- Write!!
- What makes you smile?
- What are your worries?
- What do you think about when you wake up/go to sleep?
- What's your comfort food?
- Who are your role models?
- If you are applying to private schools, make a Common/Coalition App
account and start it filling out.
- Update resume, visit colleges, sign up for college newsletters for places
you want to attend.
- Hang out with your friends, do a personal project
- Look at the personal insight questions for UCs and brainstorm.

Senior Fall

- Finish college visits and your college list.
- Safeties, targets, and reaches.
- Go to college fairs/presentations at school (sometimes in the library
during homeroom, lunchtime outside).
- KNOW your Early Action/Early Decision Deadlines
- Early Action: Applying early to a school, receiving your decision earlier.
- Early Decision: Applying early to a school and agreeing to go if accepted.
- Fill out and complete the FAFSA/CSS Profile.
- If needed, fill out a Senior Profile for a letter of recommendations
- Meet with your counselor if you have any questions.
- Start writing essays.
- Try to prioritize earlier deadlines.
- Help with the Application.
- CSU and UC apps are due on Nov 30th.

Senior Spring

- Wrap up any remaining applications.
- Double, triple, quadruple check that all your information is correct
and that you're not missing anything.
- Keep taking care of your grades and earning a C or above to ensure
your acceptance isn't rescinded (you still need to graduate!).
- Take care of yourself physically and mentally – this was a stressful
process, but you made it through.
- Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best. You no longer have control.
- Practice gratitude – What are the good things? What will you miss when you leave? Who will you miss?
- Check your email every day.
- Enjoy your last few months.

A big thank you to Audrey Mac, Aaliyah Bernal, Maleeha Iftekar,
Violet Acosta, and Violet Lollar from Ms. Lancaster’s Social Change
class for making this timeline!