Junior Timeline

What to do in your Junior Year

Rising Junior:

- Enjoy summer.
- Do things you like.
- Take care of yourself, your family, and your community.
- Exercise, cook, volunteer, etc.
- Consider looking for a summer job/internship/program.
- Start studying for standardized testing (SATs, ACTs, APs).
- Start researching colleges using BigFuture.

Junior Fall:

- Take the hardest classes that you can, but keep your grades up :)
- E.g., If you like science and are looking for a challenge, consider
taking AP Environmental Science or AP Chemistry
- Read books that you enjoy. It will help with your writing and reading comprehension.
- Join a club or two? Make one?
- Start organizing your resume so you can add things easily later
- Explore things you like. It's okay if you don't think it's "good" for college.
If you love it, then you love it. Don't quit, even if others are better.
Remember to balance between it and your grades. - The point isn't to be the best at it or impress colleges. The most
important thing is that you enjoy it and pursue it. If you gain
something, as friends or lessons learned, that's even better.
- Ask yourself if you should keep doing your activities
- Do you forget about it?
- Do you feel bad walking to the meetings/practices?
- Are you excited about it?

Junior Spring:

- Start visiting colleges (virtually or IRL) and taking standardized tests
- When visiting colleges: Sit on a bench and see how you feel, eavesdrop on people
- Virtual College Tours:
CampusTours (also has info about each college)
- WRITE at least a sentence every day. in your voice. Try journaling,
creative writing, or even try doing it during an English assignment.
Learn and embrace your writing voice. Write to tell about yourself, not
to satisfy a college.
- Who/what are you most grateful for?
- What is your home life like? Do responsibilities get in the way of
what you want to do?
- Is there anything in your life that you wished was different?
- What are moments of success in your life? What makes you
- What is the hardest lesson you learned?
- Mindfulness, exercise, practice gratitude, embrace your feelings.
- Start taking standardized tests (SAT's, ACT's, AP's)

A big thank you to Audrey Mac, Aaliyah Bernal, Maleeha Iftekar,
Violet Acosta, and Violet Lollar from Ms. Lancaster’s Social Change
class for making this timeline!

This page was last updated on December 14, 2021