Student Council

2019-2020 Minutes

Your Student Council

Student Council Constitution




ASB Officers

Equity Officer: Zenaida Trejo

Secretary: Hanna Wai

Treasurer: Aaron Huang

Vice President: Fanny Chen

President: Lawrence Fung 


Senior Class

Equity Officer: Connie Cheng

Secretary: Ryley Sakai

Treasurer: Lauren Lee

Vice President: Aidan Phinney 

President: Tianlang Ouyang 


Junior Class

Equity Officer: Lonnie La

Secretary: Amanda Chan

Treasurer: Rawa Al-Shimary

Vice President: Tarryn Adger

President: Jada Fong


Sophomore Class

Equity Officer: Charlize Ly

Secretary: Jason Setsuwan

Treasurer: Paco Wu

Vice President: Meryt Roantree

President: Hannah Ho


Freshman Class

Equity Officer: Milo Stein

Secretary: Emyly Chi

Treasurer: Ben Sirivallop

Vice President: Devin Wong

President: Luisa Chen

Job Duties

Here is what is expected of each position:

  1. President: Leader of the class, main representative for the class for school wide decisions. 
  2. Vice President: assistant to the president and fulfills duties and responsibilities the president cannot not fulfill
  3. Secretary: Responsible for communication between the class, student government, teachers, and administration 
  4. Treasurer: Responsible for keeping track of money raised from fundraising
  5. Equity Officer: Responsible for making sure EVERY student voice is heard and that all decisions the student government makes is in the best interests for every student.