Return Safely Together In-Person Learning Plan

In-Person Learning

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Return Safely Plan Overview

SFUSD will gradually return students to in-person learning by adhering to health and safety guidelines and ensuring schools and classrooms are equipped with the necessary materials to keep students safe.

  • SFUSD will return to in-person learning once all actions in the district's dashboard have been completed.
  • Families will have a choice about whether to return to in-person or stay in distance learning.
  • We will not reopen any schools until we can implement all health and safety measures recommended by the SF Department of Public Health.

What We’ve Heard from Families & Staff

  • Health and safety of our students, staff and families is a priority
  • Families offered choice in between in-person and distance learning
    • Families and staff report a preference for full days for in-person learning
    • Families report a preference for full week schedules for in-person learning
  • Students’ and staff social emotional well-being needs attention
  • Students and staff must have computer and internet access
  • Families want more time and interaction with teachers
  • Prioritize in-person learning for vulnerable student groups
  • Families desire more communication and consistent connection with their schools

Before Reopening Campuses

  • Small cohorts / groups of students identified for reopening
  • General safety measures in place, including a staff testing plan
  • All staff trained in COVID-19 health and safety protocols
  • All families informed of COVID-19 health and safety protocols
  • COVID-19 Prevention Measures in place
  • School Facilities prepped for social distancing
  • Three month supply of PPE in place
  • Instructional Learning Plans in place
  • Labor Agreements (MOUs and side letters) in place