San Francisco County Office of Education Triennial Plan

County Plan for Expelled and At-Risk Youth

The San Francisco County Office of Education (SFCOE) and the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) operate as a single entity managed by one superintendent and Board of Education. SFCOE serves high-risk youth who are expelled or at risk of being expelled through a coordinated, proactive and responsive system of strategies and supports that serve as a safety net to ensure equitable opportunities for student access and achievement in our traditional schools or alternative educational programs.

Building a safe and supportive school community based on guiding principles and high expectations – including the belief that each and every student can and will thrive given the attention they deserve - is a priority for SFUSD.

This priority extends to SFCOE, including community and court school programs and activities. SFCOE operates three alternative educational programs for county schools: a court school, a county community school, and an opportunity school. For expelled youth, for students who are in educational crisis and building their capacity in their education and alternative school setting, and prevent youth from dropping out by being a support system to ensure their education is successful.

In that spirit, this triennial plan for expelled and at risk youth for the San Francisco County Office of Education will focus on sharing SFUSD’s guiding principles and behavior expectations aligned with our Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution (SSSR), outlining some of our SSSR best practices and interventions to date, providing a description of existing educational alternatives for expelled youth, and identifying alternative placements for pupils who are expelled and placed in district community day school programs/those who fail to meet terms and conditions of their rehabilitation plan. The plan will also describe County and District educational service gaps for expelled youth with possible solutions for filling those gaps.