SFUSD High School Task Force Shares Recommendations With Superintendent

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San Francisco (September 29, 2023) - On Thursday, Sept. 28, the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) High School Task Force met for a 2-hour session to finalize their recommendations to Superintendent Dr. Matt Wayne. The Task Force recommendations are a synthesis of learnings from an extensive year-long process of engaging the community and examining SFUSD’s high school programs. The High School Task Force Recommendations can be found on the High School Task Force website.

Superintendent Wayne will now begin a process of reviewing the recommendations from the Task Force for compliance with existing laws, adherence to the district’s stated goals and guardrails, and feasibility within the district’s operational and financial context. Superintendent Wayne is scheduled to present a report to the SF Board of Education on Nov. 14. 


High School Task Force Community Engagement Process

The High School Task Force includes diverse representation including SFUSD parents, students, teachers, administrators, Community Based Organizations, and businesses. A brief description of the members can be found on the High School Task Force website.

Over the past year, the High School Task Force has met 11 times to examine input gathered during the following community engagement strategies:

Looking at Student Journeys School Committees

  • 17 individual high school teams met to review and make meaning of their school’s information. These school teams participated in four meetings, totaling 16 hours, a 2.5-hour special session for students, and a 6-hour meeting with the Task Force to synthesize key learnings and themes. These school teams reviewed 
    • Academic transcripts from the Class of 22 for each school
    • Student focus group reports from each high school totaling 300 student participants
    • Student, parent, staff surveys totaling 8,000+ students, 2,000+ families, and 800+ staff

Community Conversations

  • 3 in-person community listening meetings held at Presidio, Visitacion Valley & Everett Middle Schools and 1 2-hour virtual community meeting. 
  • 2 virtual conversations in August targeted for school and district parent committees

August Virtual Learning Sessions and Discussions

  • Educational experts presented during four virtual sessions on topics identified by the Task Force as priorities: High School Pathways and Small Learning Communities, Advising and Preparation for College and Career Readiness, Instructional Strategies that support Deeper Learning, and Selective Admissions Practices.

The San Francisco Board of Education passed Resolution No. 225-24Sp1-Amended in June 2022, creating the High School Task Force and charging it to:

  • Gather input from the community on what it needs and wants from the District’s high schools
  • Understand and summarize the current portfolio of the District’s high schools in terms of offerings and student outcomes
  • Provide recommendations to the Superintendent on ways to improve policies, practices, and programs for better student outcomes
  • Examine admissions policies for both selective admissions and comprehensive high schools