Ethnic Studies Course Model Curriculum- DRAFT

For SFUSD Ethnic Studies teachers; By SFUSD Ethnic Studies teachers

On this page, please find sample resources (course overview, unit plans and slide decks and unit introductory videos) created by a cohort of veteran Ethnic Studies teachers during the summers of 2021 and 2022 designed especially to support new Ethnic Studies teachers. Ethnic Studies can never be a one sized approach so we trust that you will modify and adapt these resources as needed to best serve your specific community of scholars. Thank you for all you do, and will do, for our students, families and communities!

For support, please reach out to Ethnic Studies Program Co-Coordinators Nikhil Laud (LaudN@sfusd.ed) and Reynaldo Dulaney (

SFUSD Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum

The following resources are all in draft form.

Ethnic Studies Portfolio of Student Exemplars


Portfolio site

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Important Readings About SFUSD's Ethnic Studies Program

The following are some key texts to read for those interested:

We Don't Want to Just Study the World, We Want to Change It by Kyle Beckham and Artnelson Concordia (an origin story of SFUSD's Ethnic Studies program and lessons learned from its foundation and development) 

Ethnic Studies Increases Longer-Run Academic Engagement and Attainment by Sade Bonilla, Thomas Dee and Emily Penner (quantitative study published in the National Academy of Sciences illustrating the academic gains resulting from our Ethnic Studies course, even 4 years later)

SFUSD Adds Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement (summary of SFUSD's 2020 Board Resolution instituting Ethnic Studies course as a graduation requirement beginning with class of 2028)

New Ethnic Studies Requirements Mean More Lessons About Race by Linda K. Wertheimer (Boston Globe comparative piece on the SFUSD's Ethnic Studies program can be a model for others across the nation)

Advancing Ethnic Studies with Youth Storytelling by Soundtrap (the why, what and how of our youth podcasting project)

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