School Subdomains

What Is a School Subdomain?

A school subdomain is an alternative URL or website address. It is structured like “” and directs the user from the subdomain link to the website of choice. The subdomain name is often shorter than the actual website address and/ or uses a common name for the school, rather than the full name.

School Subdomain Policies

School subdomains must:

  • Use all lowercase letters.
  • Use no hyphens, underscores, other special characters, or spaces
  • Use the school's name. You can shorten the name to match what people commonly call the school, but please use a version of the school's official name. See examples below.
  • Go to the school’s official Drupal website.

Acceptable subdomain names:


Unacceptable subdomain names:


School Subdomain Change Request Process

  1. School submits a Help Desk ticket by emailing or submitting a ticket online. Include the subdomain you want created (ex. "") or the subdomain you would like to update or retire.
  2. The Help Desk ticket is routed to Communications for review against the School Subdomain Policies (see above).
    • If approved, the Help Desk ticket is routed to the DoT Server team for updating. The communication loop is closed with the school.
    • If declined, Communications will explain the reason for the decline. As needed, an appeals process may be developed.

This page was last updated on March 10, 2022