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The Procurement Team's main objective is to help ensure that the San Francisco Unified School District students and staff have the goods and services required for day to day operations.

Procurement and Purchasing Delays

The Procurement Department currently has limited Purchasers. There is a two week, or ten business day, delay in processing purchase orders. In the meantime, we are in the process of replacing those positions. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.


Procurement Clinics

Procurement Clinics/Training are suspended for summer break.  They will resume on Wednesday, September 11, 2024.


FY 24-25 Contract Memo

FY 24-25 Contract Templates, Federal Funds Policy for Purchases, Abstract Form

Hello fellow stewards of SFUSD:

I am reaching out to provide an update on FY 2024-25 contract requisitions. Please take the time to read this in its entirety. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

FY 2024-25 Contract Templates

The FY 2024-25 contract templates are now posted on OneDrive.  Some of us have already downloaded the templates and are working on the contracts.  If you have not started working on your FY 2024-25 contracts, please follow this link to FY 2024-2025 CONTRACT FORMS to access the templates.  You will need your District login credentials to access the portal.  If you have any questions or need some help, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Federal Funds Policy for Purchases between $10,000.00 and $114,499.99

For federally funded purchases between the amounts $10,000.00 (including tax and shipping) and $114,499.00, you are required to obtain three formal quotes.  These quotes can be in the forms below:

(i) Email from the vendor (with identifying information showing the vendor as the sender);

(ii) Letter/quote/proposal on vendor's letterhead;

(iii) Price sheet taken from the vendor's website (Best if SFUSD has a print-to-PDF with date of snapshot visible. This can be a screenshot, or a shopping cart converted to a PDF); or

(iv) Phone call with vendor (could work only if documentation is in writing (i.e., signature of staff member certifying authenticity of quote, date of call, name of person spoken to, company, etc.))

*If you are using a resource code between 30100 and 58270, these are codes for federal purchases.  If you are unsure if you are using federal funds, please contact the site's or department's assigned budget analyst.

New Abstract Form

In an effort to streamline the contract approval process, an abstract form is being piloted for the Organization/Professional Services Agreement, as well as the Individual Services Agreement.  Filling out this form will create a shortcut for Board Approvals.  It allows the reviewer/authorizer a chance to quickly reference the contract's vital information.  The information needed to complete the abstract form will also play a vital role as it contains the majority information needed to complete the contract template. 

Early Contracts Prioritization

There are only three Board meetings left in the current fiscal year.  We must prioritize contract processing to make sure that the most critical ones are submitted for Board approval.  Contracts for services that will begin on or after July 1st and have a value greater than $114,500.00 must be approved by the Board. Please help Business Services staff identify and prioritize these contracts by filling in this FY24-25 Early Contracts Prioritization Spreadsheet.  Also, to improve the likelihood of meeting Board deadlines, please submit your requisitions as soon as possible and no later than May 10th, to ensure there is sufficient time for them to go through the contract requisition workflow before the deadline for finalizing Board agenda items.  

Contracts with values under $114,500.00 that begin in or after July should also be prepared in a timely manner, with purchase orders set up prior to any delivery of service. These contracts can be ratified by the Board in the first meetings in August and September. 

Please wait until after July 1st to submit both high and low contracts with services that begin in September or later. For high value contracts, please also work with the Contracts team to identify services that require or would benefit from undergoing a competitive solicitation.

General Guidance

To avoid delays in processing contract requisitions, please ensure they are fully and correctly completed with the right service dates, budget year, etc.  Check that you have insurance, fingerprint and TB clearance.  

Questions about your requisitions?  Please contact the functional area first as indicated below; do not go directly to DoT.

●   Budget issues:  Teresa Wong (

●   Contract approval: Patricia Matir (, Michael Hirai (

●   Purchase Orders: Kenneth Neu (

●   Not sure what functional area: Arthur Marcelo (

Deadlines for Submission of FY 23-24 General Requisitions

Deadlines for Submission of FY 23-24 General Requisitions

Arthur Marcelo, Director of Procurement

This is the annual reminder to site administrators regarding the Procurement Department’s deadlines for submission of FY 23-24 general requisitions.  The information including the dates can be found at Deadlines for Submitting FY 23-24 General Requisitions.  

Procurement Contract Flow Chart

Procurement Flow Chart

FY 23-24 Department of Technology Contract Flow Chart

Frequently Asked Questions for Contracts

FY 2024-2025 Frequently Asked Questions

FY2023-2024 Frequently Asked Questions 

The above link provides access to the most frequently asked questions. 

Contract Forms



The above link provides access to the Contract Forms.  Each template must be downloaded in Word.  Do NOT send blank templates to vendors/suppliers for them to complete.  Filling out the contract templates is the responsibility of District staff only.  Please email with any questions.


Procurement Staff Directory

Contracts Team

Michael Hirai - Senior Administrative Analyst, (415) 241-6468 ext. 1609, 

Patricia Martir - Senior Administrative Analyst, (415) 241-6468 ext. 1616, 


Purchasing Team

Kenneth Neu - Manager (Canon, Amazon, ODP), (628) 466-1279,

Chasity Cannon -  Assistant Purchaser, (415) 241-6468 ext. 1607,

Herbert Valmores - Assistant Purchaser, (415) 241-6468 ext. 1606, 



Ann Yau - Management Assistant, (415) 241-6468 ext. 1605, 

Lorena Arana - Junior Clerk, (415) 241-6468 ext. 1626, 



Arthur Marcelo - Director of Procurement, (415) 241-6468 ext. 1608, 


SFUSD Procurement Department

135 Van Ness Avenue, Room 310

San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone (415) 241-6468

Fax (415) 241-6487

Questions regarding contracts?

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