Creating a Safe & Supportive School Climate (Student Safety)

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    Beginning of School Resources

    During the first two weeks of school, make sure students know their rights and responsibilities, as well as behavior expectations

    Title IX & Bullying

    Title IX playbook 

    Please email the Office of Equity at to consult on any bullying/sexual harassment case.

    Student Injuries/ Incidents/ Health Information

    Student Discipline

    Behavioral Threat Assessments - to identify whether student might actually carry out the act described in the threat. A multi-disciplinary team conducts the

    Sandy Hook Promise Say Something Anonymous Reporting System [SS-ARS]

    Guidance on Student Walkouts


    *From BP 5145.2:  Middle and high school students have the right to participate in protests off campus and will not be prevented from doing so. Students with parent permission to be off campus will receive an excused absence. This provision shall not be construed to permit staff to solicit, recruit, direct or control students' expression of religious, political or philosophical off-campus expression. When feasible, a site administrator may grant staff permission to attend an off-campus protest with students in a supervisory and non-participatory capacity

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