Drupal Prerequisite: Accessibility in Digital Design Course

Drupal Prerequisite: Accessibility in Digital Design Course

The Accessibility in Digital Design Course is a prerequisite for you to be trained in Drupal. If you have completed the Accessibility course/quiz already, complete the Drupal Training Registration form to schedule a training session.

The Accessibility in Digital Design course teaches you some easy to implement, best practices for creating accessible classroom and PD content. You will be able to create academic and instructional materials that are accessible to blind/low vision and other students/colleagues that require assistive technology to access your content. 

Chose either the Google Classroom or Video Recording to fulfill your Drupal Prerequisite.

Google Classroom (self-paced)

How to Join Google Classroom: Accessibility in Digital Design Course:

  1. Go To “https://classroom.google.com/” or go this invite link
  2. At the top right, click on the “ + “ to “Join a class”
  3. Enter the Google Classroom Join Code 
  4. Google Classroom Join Code: chqg73o
  5. After entering the code, click on “Join”
  6. You will see “Accessibility in Digital Design [TECH02M]”

After completing the course, you may choose either School Website or Central Office training options.

Video Recording (35 minutes)

After watching the Accessibility in Digital Design Video (35min) - https://bit.ly/AccessibilityVideo, complete the accessibility quiz to fulfill your prerequisite to attend a Drupal training. Once your quiz is reviewed, you will receive an email regarding Drupal training options.

This page was last updated on July 27, 2023