OASIS Employee Announcements Resources

How do I post & edit Employee Announcements?

How do I get authorized to post Employee Announcements?

In order to post an Employee Announcement, you must get authorization. This authorization process gives you permission to post Employee Announcements. To become authorized, complete this Employee Announcements Authorization Form.

What happens once I am authorized?

Newly authorized contributors will receive an email confirmation once the process is completed, along with a link to the Employee Announcements Contributor Cheat Sheet and other training tools (also found on this page). You can then start creating and editing Employee Announcements.

Note that announcements are subject to review, editing, or deletion (with notice), as needed.

What are the steps to post an Employee Announcement?

How do I find a (non-published) Employee Announcement to edit or publish it?

  • At the top of your screen, click Content.
    • If you do not see Content in a toolbar at the top, click Manage to open this toolbar.
  • Find the Employee Announcement you are looking for in one of two ways:
    • Scroll through content on this page or subsequent pages.
    • Use filter fields to search for your Employee Announcement (e.g., select Employee Announcement under Content type and/ or select Draft (or other selection) under Moderation state).
  • Once you find what you are looking for, click its Title to open the Employee Announcement.
  • You can then edit any fields needed and then change the Save as status.

What is the deadline for OASIS Employee Announcements?

EOD Wednesday for items to be included in that Thursday’s OASIS Employee Announcements email to all staff.

Items can be posted at any time and will be visible on the Employee Announcements page immediately. The email will include all items posted in the previous week. It will also include a link to the Employee Announcements page so people can see older items.

Can my Employee Announcement be promoted to the employee home page or pinned to the top of the Employee Announcements page?

The employee home page only has room for three announcements at any one time and the Employee Announcements page is most helpful if a variety of recent announcements are visible. Therefore, the Communications team is very selective about what items are promoted on one of these pages.

If you believe that your announcement meets the following criteria, please email newsline@sfusd.edu for your request to be considered:

  • Your announcement applies to a vast majority, if not all, SFUSD employees.
  • Your announcement is particularly urgent or timely and needs a high level of visibility.
  • You believe that staff or leaders from other departments would agree that your announcement would take precedence over other important announcements

This page was last updated on March 20, 2023