CSSP (Comprehensive School Safety Plan)

Complete Your Site's 2023-2024 CSSP

Instructions for Updating Comprehensive School Safety Plan - Click here to access the plan

CSSP Due:  Friday, December 8th, 2023

  1. Join Google Classroom at this link (Class code uho32as)
  2. Review 2023/2024 CSSP Template  
  3. Schedule SSC Meetings for the year. Determine which SSC meeting will be the one where the CSSP is shared.
  4. Create a school-site Emergency Preparedness Team
  5. Review year-long SFUSD School Site Emergency Preparedness Calendar
  6. Create a School Site Emergency Response Action Drill Schedule (click for template) to share with stakeholders and then run the drills on schedule.
  7. Run your Drills & submit them in the Google Form found here, as well as in the Drill information Section 2.4 in the CSSP.
  8. Ensure each classroom, office space and other common areas have evacuation maps.  If you do not have evacuation maps hung up, please click here to find your site to create  them.  Paste them in the correct location in your CSSP (Section 3.1)
  9. Ensure you know your sister site so you know your OFF-campus evacuation location. Paste the walking maps that you create via Google maps in the correct location in your CSSP (Section 3.2)

This page was last updated on January 12, 2024