Student Schedule

Student Schedules

All SFUSD families can enroll for the coming year or as new students though our Online Application process. After enrolled students will need to entered into your schools rooster. 

In this guide you will find information about the reports, policies & procedures and a how to guide to navigate using Synergy as an scheduling tool. 



How do I....

view a student's schedule

Click PAD Tree>

Student Schedule

Synergy SIS> Student > Click Classes Tab

upload a student's profile pictures?

check a student's enrollment history?

make a student inactive?

inactive student


For CALPADS Leave Codes go to


no show a student


If the student is in the wrong school placement (incorrectly enrolled in your school), the student must be deleted in your school and not “no-showed.” Please contact EPC at to delete students.

change Synergy focus to summer school?

disable online course request?

add student to existing section?

change student pronouns and names?

Most commonly run reports


Total enrollment days of students. All students enrolled at the school during the year and show their total days enrolled, days present, days absent, and their enter date and leave date.

ATD407: End of Year Attendance List

A list of every student enrolled to date. Every student enrolled as of a given date with the total number of enrolled days for the current school year.

ATD414: Student Days Enrolled

Students who added or dropped classes. Students who have various types of enrollment issues. [Note: Run this report at least once a week to verify student enrollment, correct any overlapping sections, and ensure dates are within the school calendar.]

STU416: Student Enrollment Validation 

Current Year Incoming Students. Students that are new to your school AFTER the first day of school this year

EPC059: Current Year - Incoming Students

Current Year Outgoing Students. Students that have left your school this year (attended your school for at least one day this school year and is no longer attending your school)

EPC060: Current Year - Incoming Students

Class Roster/List

SFUSD Policies & Procedures

Procedures to Withdraw Students

No show vs. Inactive

Online Course Requests Best Practices

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