Use Google Calendar to Book Rooms

Starting Tuesday, Oct. 22 you can book rooms directly via Google calendar.

Book a room:

When you create an event/ invitation in your Google calendar, you have the option to select Rooms that are available. Follow these directions:

  1. Add a new event and open the larger editing window by clicking “More options”.

  2. Fill in the information about your event: Title, date, time, recurrence (if applicable), and guests

  3. Click on “Rooms” on the right side of the screen, right above where you add guests.

  4. Search for an available room by typing in its name or peruse available rooms at each building/site.

Learn more (includes visuals) about how to add a room to an event (right-click to open in a new window).

REMINDER: If you reserve a room and then cancel your meeting, please delete the room from your booking to make the space available for others.

View Available Rooms

View conference room availability at the following locations (see links below or to the left):

If you wish, you can add the desired room calendars to your Google calendar by clicking +Google Calendar (see bottom right of each calendar). Learn more (includes visuals) about how to subscribe to a room calendar (aka resource calendar) (right-click to open in a new window).

With rare exceptions, you will only see free/ busy times.

  • Room managers can see additional detail. Check with them, if needed

What happened to my room reservations from SharePoint?

  • These Google calendars REPLACED the SharePoint schedules of conference rooms starting Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019.
  • We have migrated your existing room reservations to Google Calendar.
  • To be safe, double-check your meetings to confirm that your room reservation was effectively transferred over.
  • We apologize for any errors or omissions.


  • Contact the DoT Help Desk at
  • We appreciate your patience with this transition!

This page was last updated on March 5, 2021