Counselor Synergy Tool kit

Synergy set up- Customize Favorites/Navigation Bar 
        Student Icon overview (3:13) 
        Student Course History (6:21)    
            GPA Calculations/Definitions (7:20)
            Graduation Requirements (11:20)
            Comments on Transcripts (12:45 )
            Waivers (13:25)
            Financial Aid Opt Out (16:00 )
  Reports- create your own * reports (17:10)
  Student Scheduling (22:22)
  Student Conference Notes (22:38 )
            Individual student conference 
            Mass update student conference (26:50)
  Edit Graduation Year/Senior Exit Process (35:18)

How do I..?

add student conference notes?

access students who have a transition form?

mass update Student Conference Notes?

document comments on transcripts?

document world language wavier?

find financial aid opt out form?

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Commonly Run Reports

Report name Description
GRD415 Student School Rank: Prints a list of students by grade level with their GPA and class rank
GRD413 Honor Roll Report: Prints a list of the students who met the criteria for the selected honor roll definition
GRD402 Mark Failing List: Prints a list of students with failing grades for the specified grading period
GRD 407 Mark Exception Report: Prints a list of students with the specified number of selected mark
CHS 401 Student Credit Check: Displays a list of students and their total number of credits attempted and completed
CHS404 Student Graduation Check: Displays a student’s progress towards graduation requirements
CHS202 Student Graduation Requirements: Displays students course history and progress towards graduation requirements




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