Master Scheduling 6 - 12

Synergy Master Scheduling 6 -12

Master Schedule Workshop 2022-23

Please click on the YouTube link, in the description the 4+hour long video is time stamped so that you can fast forward or review what topics are most applicable. 

How do I..?

view Period Rotation, Bell Schedule, And School Calendar?

assign houses & teams?

mass assign course requests?

enter individual schedule requests?

use the Course Request Analysis?

use schedule control & option sets?

set up school scheduling walk-in options?

create, copy or edit sections?

Most commonly run reports

Master Scheduling Reports

School Set Up Information

The School Setup tool is at Synergy SIS> Mass Scheduling> Setup> School Setup. It defines several important parameters for a school’s Master Schedule,  including the homeroom, grade levels, number of periods, terms for scheduling, and other data.

Administrators may not have permission to modify the settings, but should review the information and submit a Help Desk Request for any desired changes.

A picture of the School Setup screen is below. An explanation of the numbered features is in the "what's on my school setup?" section, beneath the picture.

School Set up screen

what's on my school set up? (pictured above)

  1. Period Definition: Sets the number of periods available for the school to use for scheduling.
    • Homeroom Period: defines the period Synergy considers ‘Homeroom’ for reporting purposes. Synergy identifies a student’s home room as the teacher and room associated with the section scheduled during this period.
    • Synergy does not recognise homeroom by course title, e.g. ‘HomeRoom’, ‘Advisory’, etc.
  2. Type  Information: sets the type of school, attendance type, max grade level 
  3. Enrollment options: allows students to have concurrent enrollment with credit recovery options. 
  4. Grade Selection: sets the grade levels available for enrollment into sections.
  5. Grading Options: Sets the current grading period, and is automatically updated from the data entered in the tool Synergy SIS→ Grading→ Setup→ Grading Setup
  6. Rollover Defaults: defines the enrollment code and enter date when advancing students to the next school year.
  7. Term Definition: sets the name and dates for course enrollment terms used by the school. Most sites will be programmed for Fall and Spring Semesters, while some may use Quarters or Hexameters.

Generic Teacher Aide Course: defines the course and credit value for students enrolled as ‘Student Aide’ in a section. This avoids the need for multiple Student Aide sections throughout the schedule.

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