SELF Competencies: Principal Leading People

#5. Leading People

INCLUSIVE/FACILITATIVE LEADERSHIP: Engage school community in change efforts that respond collectively and coherently to the assets and challenges in schools and communities.

Leading People

Build trust with the school community through collective work to advance the school’s equity vision.


  • Relationships: Build and nurture relationships among staff members and with the school community to foster a positive and productive adult culture.

  • Team development: Build and nurture effective, aligned teams to address critical school functions and to drive improvement.

  • Community partnership: Develop productive relationships with families and the community, engaging them as allies in securing resources for students and creating the conditions to meet the school’s equity vision.

  • Change management: Manage uncertainty, risk, and competing interests with courage and perseverance, providing support and encouragement, and communicating about improvement efforts.

  • Shared decision-making: Develop and implement transparent processes and structures for decisions that provide authentic opportunities for distributed leadership.

Evidence of Impact

  • Staff report that they understand their roles in collective school improvement efforts and feel invested in those efforts.

  • Teams use a common set of facilitation and team protocols and strategies to advance their objectives.

  • Families consistently report that they feel included and invested in the school, including through participation on working groups and committees.

  • Families learn strategies and can access tools to support student learning outside the school day.

  • Families have multiple ways to communicate with staff and receive timely, tailored responses to their concerns and questions.

  • Staff report that they feel supported to understand, raise questions about, and embrace change.

  • The school improvement plan and long-term school-wide goals remain rigorous, even when leaders are confronted with negative feedback.

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