SELF: SFUSD Equity Leadership Framework

The SFUSD Equity Leadership Framework is intended to drive a range of activities and decisions across the spectrum of leadership development, including the recruitment, hiring, placement, development, evaluation and retention of aspiring and sitting school leaders.

There are three distinct versions of the SELF:

The SELF includes four categories of leadership. Three of these categories — Instructional Leadership, Inclusive/Facilitative Leadership, and Managerial/Systems Leadership — are drawn from Bryk et. al. (2010), whose work is central to SFSUD’s theory of school improvement. The fourth — Social Justice Leadership — reinforces SFUSD’s fundamental commitment to producing results that transform education and disrupt predictable patterns of achievement. For each category, the Framework identifies two competencies, for a total of eight competencies. Each competency encompasses a discrete aspect of leadership practice.

Each competency is further defined by three to six indicators, specific to leadership roles, providing more detail about the practices that comprise the competency. For each competency, the Framework also identifies evidence of impact, statements specific to each role that describe what should be true as a result of effective practice on that competency.

This page was last updated on January 20, 2021