Deeper Learning Portfolios


Deeper Learning Portfolios

All DLeaFs will take a deep dive into one Core Instructional Priority for the Fall and Spring of the 22-23 school year. At each DLeaF meeting, you will have an opportunity to build, reflect, share, and contribute to your individual DLeaF Portfolio while also supporting each others’ learning. DLeaFs can earn a $250 stipend for each portfolio entry.

Deeper Learning Portfolio Checklist

Please use this checklist to complete each section of your portfolio. For each semester, you will choose one Core Instructional Priority with the following:

  1. Resource Reflection - Link to the 3 resources from the Choice Board you reviewed for your Deeper Learning Core Instructional Priority and the resources you will be using. Write or create a video explaining why you choose the resource and how it aligns with your implementation with students.

  2. Summary - Describe how you will be implementing your chosen Core Instructional Priority in your learning space and the goals/objectives with students and add links to lesson plans or guides used.

  3. Documentation - Add images, video, or audio recordings that show what you implemented and how it showed up in your learning space. Add links to any supporting document or screenshots of student work

  4. Reflection - Reflect on if your students met or did not meet your goals, describe your experience with implementing your Core Instructional Priority.

To ensure you complete each portfolio entry, use the checklist to review before submission. Congratulations! Your portfolio entry is done.

You will be using one of your portfolio entries to complete your Exhibition of Learning in the Spring.

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