Exhibition of Learning


Exhibition of Learning

In the Spring of 2023, each DLeaF will share their work during the Exhibition of Learning. In alignment with the Deeper Learning Framework, DLeaFs have options in building out a presentation for the Exhibition of Learning. DLeaFs can earn $60 for work completed in Google Slides, or $120 for work completed in Adobe Express Pages.

Creating Your Exhibition of Learning

  1. Pick one Core Instructional Priority portfolio entry to develop for your Exhibition of Learning
  2. Choose a tool: Google Slides or Adobe Express Pages, see examples in the Exhibition of Learning Checklist
  3. Copy and paste your documentation and your reflection from your portfolio
  4. Develop Student Work Examination, see prompts in the Exhibition of Learning Checklist
  5. Present at our Spring Celebration!!

This page was last updated on April 3, 2023