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DLeaF Family Partnership Module

Families are essential partners in our students’ education. Yet, simply put, families cannot be fully engaged if they cannot access or navigate district technology. We have learned that simply sending out information and resources has not been enough to make the hardest-to-reach parents successful with technology; change happens in the context of trusting relationships.

The Family Partnership Portfolio will guide you through the process of articulating a key barrier to family technology partnership at your school; facilitating an activity(s) that can help remove that barrier and ensure that families have the support they need to succeed; identifying collaborators who are passionate about supporting families; and reflecting on lessons learned that can inform your work in the future.

Remember, your Digital Learning Cohort Partner is here to be a thought partner and a support!

Access the portfolio template. Then click the blue "Use Template" button to make your own copy.

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Resources to Strengthen Family Partnership (Useful for Your Portfolio)

Help Families Get Free Household Broadband: Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Clip art of a family, with the text "34% of SF families are eligible for free/reduced-cost internet

One out of three households in San Francisco is eligible for free, high-speed, household internet through the federally funded Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This includes almost all households with at least one student who is eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch, according to the letter they received after filling out the Multipurpose Family Income Form. Even though the sign-up process is easy, most eligible families don't know about the program or just need a little help with the online sign-up.

Find out about additional options for free or reduced-cost household internet at

Hold a ParentVUE Activation Drive

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ParentVUE is where a family can update its contact information, receive notifications, access report cards and test scores, fill out their student's emergency card... even apply to a school! 

You and some collaborators at your school–– such as family liaisons, social workers, counselors, your AP, or other motivated teaches–– can hold a ParentVUE activation drive at a location with high parent foot traffic. For example, host a sign-up table where parents drop off or pick up students (school day or after-school programs), at open house, at a band concert or school sports event, at ELAC meetings, or wherever makes sense for your school. Please offer the table more than just once.

Here are the steps we recommend:

Before the event:

  1. Ask your school secretary to generate and print Activation Key letters for all the families that don't yet have active accounts.
  2. Identify the communication channels that will reach the hardest-to-reach families, and promote the event.
  3. Make a sign for your table that says something like "activate your ParentVUE account today!"
  4. Print and bring a copy of the ParentVUE app QR codes.


At  the event:

  1. Confirm a parent's identity via some sort of I.D., and make sure it matches the name in the Activation Key letter.
    • See below for directions on how to proceed if the parent who is requesting the Activation Key is different from the one named on the Activation Key letter.*
    • If their is no Activation Letter at all for the child, the parent probably already activated their account (perhaps for an older child). The Student Family School Resource Link (SFSRL) can help them access their account (415.340.1716 between 9:00-3:00; email:; or web form:
  2. Once you verified a parent's identity, give them their Activation Key letter.
  3. Have parents open their phone camera and point it at the QR code you printed to download the free ParentVUE app.
  4. Once parents install the app, help them follow the prompts to set up and activate their account.
  5. If parents need technical or account assistance, they can call the SFSRL (See #3, above, for contact info).

*Note: According to California law, only parents with ‘education rights’ may access their children's data in Synergy. For various reasons, parents may lose these rights in court. So, if a parent shows up for an Activation Key letter, but their ID is for someone not named in the Activation Key letter, call the office, and ask your school secretary to confirm in Synergy that the person has ed rights.


Reviewing these materials will help you feel better prepared:


Promote Digital Agency at Home

For families, every week is Digital Agency Week! Families often voice a need for support with helping their kids manage screen time, browse safely, navigate social media, protect their data, and have on overall positive, constructive, balanced digital life.

What topics are the burning issues for the families at your school? The resources on the SFUSD Digital Agency Resources for Parents page can help families develop Digital Agency in their children. Why not facilitate a parent workshop or two, to help parents unpack one (or more) of them! You can also draw from  the many resources from Common Sense Media. Or, hold a workshop where you help parents explore and use Common Sense's media ratings and reviews, so they can evaluate movies, shows, games, and apps before they decide to let their children watch or use them.

Chances are that you don't have to run a family workshop on your own. If you school has a family liaison, counselor, social worker, or just a fellow motivated staff member, they can help you plan, prepare, and present–– and even help you arrange to have a language interpreter!

Help Families Celebrate Digital Learning Week

The nationwide Digital Learning Day will take place on February 29, 2024, and according to DLD's founders, it "drives growth, expands educational opportunities, and promotes equity."

In SFUSD, we make it a week-long celebration! We use Digital Learning Week to promote innovative, deeper learning experiences with digital tools. Students and teachers try something new or share with others at the school what they've already been doing.

Why not help your school's families participate, too! Find some family-facing activities on our Digital Learning Week page, and either share them with colleagues to send to parents, or promote them through your school's family communication channels. Then, hold an event for families at your school.

This page was last updated on November 8, 2023