DLeaFs & Deeper Learning: Equitable Access & Demand

What is Equitable Access & Demand?

Three people linked with a dotted line to an image of a bookCurricula is designed and instruction is delivered to ensure access for all and cognitive demand for “each and every” student, supporting independence, not dependence.

DLeaF Deliverable Instructions

For the Equitable Access & Demand portion of your Deeper Learning Portfolio, you will be:

  • reflecting on 3 items from the Equitable Access & Demand Choice Board
  • writing a summary of the lesson, activity, or unit based in Equitable Access & Demand that you implemented at your classroom or school site
  • capturing and providing some documentation around what you implemented (lesson plan, examples of student work, slide deck from a staff meeting, etc.)
  • writing a reflection on what went well and what could be changed for the better next time.

Check out an example of what the Equitable Access & Demand Portfolio entry could look like.

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This page was last updated on October 25, 2022