Balboa Wellness Referral Forms & Mental Health Resources

Balboa Wellness Center will be closed during Summer 2022, DPH Clinic Open!

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Balboa's Wellness services. Please note the SFUSD team will be on summer break from 6/2/2022 to 8/15/2022 and the Balboa Wellness center will be closed during that time. If needing to access medical or mental health support over the summer. Please contact the DPH Balboa Teen Clinic at 415-469-4512 (M-F between 9am and 4pm).

Wellness Referral Process

* If referring a student for Therapy/Counseling who has an IEP, please consult with the School Psychologist and IEP case manager first to make sure they are not already being provided services (DIS/ERMHS) through the SpEd program.

We meet as a team on Mondays from 9:00-10:00am where we assign students who have referred themselves or been referred to the Wellness Center to different members of our team. Once a team member is given your assignment, they will make contact with you and set up a date/time with you to meet. All services are private and confidential. We do not judge you or discuss what you tell Wellness team members outside of the private sessions out of respect for your confidentiality and privacy.