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Student Government/Student Association (SA) Candidate Campaign Videos 2021-2022!

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9th Grade

Skylar Dang - Freshman Class President

Leann Luo - Freshman Class Vice President


10th Grade

Devon Isaiah Chavez - Sophomore Class Grade President

Diana Chen - Sophomore Class Grade Secretary

Mandy Zhao - Sophomore Class Vice President


11th Grade

Sarah Chen - Junior Class President Election Speech 

Zara Ferretti - Junior Class Presidential Speech

Tammy Zeng - Junior Class Vice President

Sarah Rawlings-Fein - Junior Class Treasurer


12th Grade

Justin Liu - Senior Class President

Cyrus Navasca - Senior Class Vice President

Joanna Chen - Senior Class Secretary

Joseph Ashkar - Senior Class Treasurer

Student Association (SA)

Anne Zheng - SA Secretary

John Huynh - SA Vice President

Gavin Li - SA Treasurer 

Elias Myers - SA President


Student Government Google Classroom Resources Links:

Coming soon! Each student based on grade level will be sent an invitation to join in their respective Google Classroom. All students, grades 9th-12th will be included in the Student Association Google Classroom.

9th Grade  | 10th Grade | 11th Grade | 12th Grade | Student Association (SA)

Presenting...Balboa's 2020-2021 Student Association

Balboa Student Government 2019-2020

Student Association Government Officers 2019-2020

We also are going to have to hold a special election for the following positions, which we need to recruit for:

9th Grade Secretary

12th Grade Secretary

SA Treasurer


Winners for the 2020-2021 School Year:

Chloe Ouyang

9th Grade President

Mandy Zhao

9th Grade Vice President

Katie Li

9th Grade Treasurer

Sarah Chen
10th Grade President

Zara Ferretti
10th Grade Vice President

Tammy Zeng
10th Grade Secretary

Sarah Rawlings-Fein
10th Grade Treasurer

Justin liu
11th Grade President

Cyrus Navasca
11th Grade Vice President

Sydney Louie
11th Grade Secretary

Kasey Zeng
11th Grade Treasurer

Pierce Whitney
12th Grade President

Christina Nguyen
12th Grade VP

Wendy Huang
12th Grade Treasurer

Maria Anjum
SA President

Thiri Than
SA Vice President

Elias Myers
SA Secretary

Congratulations to all your 2020-2021 Balboa Student Government Officers!