Counseling Department

Balboa Counseling Department Mission Statement

Stay F.R.E.S.H. - Fair, Respectful, Excellent, Safe, and Hopeful. The Counseling Program at Balboa High School provides a safe and compassionate environment for students to develop a sense of self, growth-mindset, and social justice identity. As school leaders, we advocate for our students’ academic and socio-emotional well-being through a holistic and solution-oriented framework. As agents of change, our Counseling Program partners with families, community, faculty and staff to challenge systems of oppression in order to provide opportunities for our students to acquire the educational and social competencies necessary for their growth and lifelong success.


Counselors' Website

Follow this link below for more information about how the Counseling Department can help you with

  • Your class schedule
  • Developing your 4-year graduation plan
  • Dual Enrollment Courses - taking classes at City College to earn credits for high school and college
  • SAT/ACT testing information
  • Finding jobs and internship opportunities
  • Problem-solving around challenging classes
  • Social-emotional support
  • Connections to community-based organizations (i.e. YMCA, After-school program)
  • Credit recovery classes to make up D's or F's

The Counseling Team

Your counselors are assigned by your last name: 

A - F

Ms. Guan
ext. 3177

G - Liao

Ms. Valle
ext. 3115

Lib - R

Ms. Verdin
ext. 3122

S - Z

Mrs. Lee
ext. 3113


Please come see us about anything during these times:

  • Homeroom (must have a pass from your homeroom teacher)
  • Lunch

To talk to a counselor during class time, please refer to the schedule below and choose a time when your counselor does not have their lunch or prep time.

You must have a pass from your teacher to speak to a counselor during class time.

Balboa Counselors' Schedule

Feel free to connect with us in any means easiest for you!

We are most accessible via email! Email any questions or concerns. Please allow at least 2 business days for us to respond.