Balboa Staff Sign Up For Technology

Computer Lab 127 - 38 desktops

Computer Lab 128 - 30 desktops

iPads - 29 iPads - Library

iPads 2nd Floor - 18 iPads - Room 202

iPads 3rd Floor - 27 iPads - Room 300A

ChromeBook  Cart 1- 32 ChromeBooks


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to cancel your reservation, contact Ms. Simmons at X3120, or  (Canceling the event on your own Google Calendar doesn't open the reservation slot for other teachers.)



Chromebook Cart 1: ROSE

Ipad Cart Library: BLACK

Ipad Cart 2nd Floor: BROWN

Ipad Cart 3rd Floor: ORANGE

Computer Lab 127: PINK

Computer Lab 128: BEIGE