School Site Council (SSC)

What is the School Site Council?

Each SFUSD school must have an elected School Site Council (SSC) to represent parents, students, community members, and school staff in the school governance process. The SSC has a number of important responsibilities, including:

  • Reviewing and analyzing student achievement data,
  • gathering community input,
  • helping develop the Balanced Scorecard/Single Plan for Student Achievement (BSC/SPSA) and the school site budget,
  • and monitoring the implementation of the plan and budget.

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SSC Meetings in 2022!

SSC RETREAT MARCH 5th 10:15 am-12:15 pm

Zoom link for SSC Retreat: (UPDATED LINK as of 03/05/22) 

Meeting ID: 249 753 3593 


The SSC will review data from stakeholder surveys and create multiple spending scenarios to resolve the budget. The group will decide the necessity to gain further specific feedback from stakeholder groups or if the data from surveys was sufficient. A plan to gain feedback will be created and implemented before the meeting on 3/10.


SSC Final Meeting 3/10 5-6 p.m.


Zoom link for the meeting:

Meeting ID: 843 3342 1959


Review and certify the results from further public feedback if needed and give the public an attempt to speak to the council if they so wish about the budgetary decisions of the body.


Balboa High School School Site Council Bylaws and other Updates

Here are some updated information about our Balboa High School School Site Council:

Balboa High School Site Council Bylaws for 2021-2022 (draft)

Balboa High School SSC Meeting Notes and Meeting Dates 2021-2022 (last updated: March 5, 2022)

SSC Student, Staff, and Parent Survey Results (uploaded: March 8, 2022)