November 13, 2020


Hello, Happy Friday. 

P2 grades are in and should be available in ParentVue by early next week. The end of the semester is only five weeks away. Please encourage your students to stay focused and check in with their teachers if they need help. The week after next, 11/23-11/27, is Thanksgiving recess. There is no school all week. I have asked teachers to not assign any work over the holiday so that we can all have a much-needed break. If your student has make-up work to complete, encourage them to use that time. Otherwise make it an opportunity to unplug and not think about school for a few days.

The student Social Emotional Learning survey will be administered in English classes between now and December 11. Please see the link below for more information.

The Richmond Neighborhood Center (After School Program) would love to help your family if you are currently in need of help this holiday season! 

If you feel as though you and your family could benefit from receiving a free bag of holiday themed groceries please do not hesitate to let us know. These would be substantial groceries that generally include items like stuffing, whole turkeys or chickens, etc. 

Please take a second and fill out the form below so that we can assist you this upcoming holiday season! Please keep in mind that this will be for Winter Break, not during Thanksgiving, Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion!


This page was last updated on November 13, 2020