Phone System

How do I?

We use a VOIP phone system at Wallenberg. The system has voice mail, computer calling through a browser, and a mobile app.

When you are assigned a classroom, your email address will be associated with the room account so you can start using the browser/mobile app to make/receive calls.

Voice mail has been setup to automatically forward a copy of any voice mail to your district email address then delete the voice mail.


Here are some guides to help you use our new phone system:

Goto Getting Started Guide

Classroom Phones


If you need me to reset the password, send me an email and I'll reset it.

Mobile App

  1. After you login you will probably see the user name of your room number. 
  2. When searching for other users, best to use their last name as the app will search email addresses as well. Then select the room number they are in. If unsure you can select the contact and check the email address. 



This page was last updated on August 9, 2023