Program Description

The visual art program is a yearlong course designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of the visual arts. The first semester will be devoted to developing and strengthening painting, drawing and sculptural skills as well as the understanding and appreciation of art through projects that foster creative expression and experimentation. By the end of Art, students will have a greater grasp on the foundational world of art which will be developed further in more concentrated units during the second semester.


Computer Art

Computer Art is a yearlong course designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of communications design. Students will develop both their skills on paper and digitally, exploring the creative process of making images that can move ideas and information to the minds of others.


Ceramics 1

Ceramics 1 is a yearlong course where students will be exposed to and experiment with a variety of building techniques and methods to create both sculptural and functional works, students will also learn about glaze. Students will be introduced to and explore Visual Art Elements and Design Principles. Through observation, discussion and writing, students will respond to a range of fine arts works in an effort to become a more sophisticated art-viewer and culturally-open citizens. Some major units of study are elements of art, principles of design, hand-building, slab building, coil building, functional design, and surface techniques.


Ceramics 2

Ceramics 2 is a yearlong course with a focus on developing fundamental skills as well as discovering artistic voice.  These projects will build your artistic skills such as form or proportion, and visual problem solving as well as experimentation such as glaze use.  Some projects will be based off genres from Art’s history and others will be about developing your structure is a more successful manner - these projects should be technically challenging, thematically stimulating and of course personal works of art. 


AP Studio Art

AP Studio Art is a yearlong course where students will develop both technical and creative skills in this class. The two primary goals of this class are to (1) prepare a portfolio of 24 excellent works for the AP test by the end of April and (2) develop your art and yourself as an artist. The primary focus is on the AP exam, but the AP structure allows for a great deal of personalization and independent study. The AP Art portfolio consists of three sections: Quality (excellence demonstrated in original artwork), Concentration (an in-depth, personal commitment to a particular artistic concern) and Breadth (a variety of experiences in using the formal, technical and expressive means available to an artist).   

Visual Arts Calendars

Important Dates for Visual Arts Classes