Program Description



Symphonic Band combines beginning and advanced wind and string players.  Both Advanced & Beginning Bands works under the guidance of Ms. Segal together with SF Symphony and SF Conservatory coaches.  Advanced band performs in public with Mercury Soul under the direction of esteemed composer Mason Bates.  Both bands perform at "Wallapalooza," Wallenberg's spring arts festival and at the SFUSD Spring Arts Festival.


Pop/Rock Band students spend the first semester learning basic music theory, piano keyboard, guitar, bass & drums.  During the second semester, students select a primary instrument and break into small bands where they will rehearse self-selected songs to perform at "Wallapalooza," Wallenberg's spring arts festival.


Jazz Band is an after school club for all grades of students who already can read and have an interest in ensemble playing and improvising.  Jazz Band performs at assemblies and city-wide events such as Carnaval and the Dreamforce conference. 

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