Why Biotechnology

What is Biotechnology?

It is the study and manipulation of living organisms and their components to create products or processes to better our society.

What does the Pathway include?

  1. In-depth look into the science behind the industry
  2. Development of essential laboratory skills
  3. Biotech/Health career exploration opportunities
  4. Dual enrollment with City College of SF (CCSF)

What skills will I learn?

You will learn the following laboratory techniques and skills:

  1. Micropipetting
  2. Working with Model Organisms
  3. Creating and studying GMOs
  4. Bacteria Cell Culture
  5. Gene Cloning

You will learn the following professional skills:

  1. Public speaking
  2. How to build a professional resume
  3. How to interview in a professional setting
  4. Obtain summer internships
  5. Participate in Biotech job shadows

What does the program look like?

In your junior year, you will take Biotechnology 1. It is an introductory couse into the biotech industry. You will learn the basics of a laboratory and get an overview of the industry.

The year consists of the following topics:

  1. Industry Exploration
  2. Ancient vs. Modern Biotech
  3. Modern Genetics and Inheritance
  4. DNA Chemisty and Structure
  5. Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR)
  6. Gel Electrophoresis

Here are a few examples of labs you will do during the year:

  1. Fermentation (kimchi and cheese)
  2. Culturing of fruit flies
  3. GMO Food Investigation





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