Temporary Modified Work & Transitional Work Assignments

Return to Work

Transitional Work Program FAQs (google docs)

Explains the school district’s transitional work program. If an employee is given temporary work restrictions, they must not assume they cannot work. Every effort will be made to allow an employee to return to work with either modification to their usual work or through a transitional work assignment.

Not reporting for modified or transitional work assignments may result in Workers’ Compensation disability benefits being suspended or denied.

A transitional work agreement form shall be completed and signed by the supervisor and then presented to the employee for their review and signature whenever temporary modified or temporary alternate duties are assigned to the employee at their normal or alternate work location and whether full-time or part-time shift.  

A transitional work agreement completed and signed by the supervisor may serve as an offer of transitional work.

Contact a Workers' Compensation Team Member for assistance with how to complete the form.

This page was last updated on June 15, 2023