Induction Support for Preliminary Credentialed Teachers

Induction Process

Teachers with preliminary credentials may apply to our CTC-approved SFUSD Induction Program (SIP) free of cost in order to obtain a California clear teaching credential. SIP Induction is a two year job-embedded program that provides teachers with a one-on-one coach and support with an Individualized Learning Plan. Check the the CTC website to see if you have your preliminary credential or have other requirements for your credential. 

*Some candidates may qualify to complete Induction in one year. Please go to the Early Completion Option (ECO) page for additional information. 

  • CTC website video
  • Credential types
  • Variable Term Waiver or EO
  • Induction process flowchart 

Induction Requirements

Induction candidates are required to engage in the following activities:

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Meet with coach weekly for about 60 minutes

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Receive support around just in time needs, accessing resources and communication with colleagues and administration

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Complete 2 inquiry cycles per year that involve lesson planning, analyzing student work and being observed

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Document the work in their Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) 

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Submit a completed ILP at the end of each year 

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After Year 2 ILP completion, contact SFUSD HR to learn how to apply for a California Clear Teaching Credential with the CTC

Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)

The Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) addresses the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and provides a road map for candidates’ Induction work during their time in the program along with guidance for the coach in providing support. The ILP includes candidate professional growth goals, a description of how the candidate will work to meet those goals, defined and measurable outcomes for the candidate, and planned opportunities to reflect on progress.

This page was last updated on May 1, 2023