SIP Induction FAQs


Who is eligible to participate?

Full-time classroom teachers at school sites with CA Preliminary Credentials (Multiple, Single Subject or Ed Specialist Level 1) with induction requirements with full year contracts who work a minimum of 75% of the school year  are eligible to enroll in the CCTC-approved SFUSD Induction Program. In some cases, a non-classroom teacher or a teacher who teaches less than full time has been able to enroll. Current interns who are enrolled in teacher preparation programs that partner with SFUSD are eligible to enroll in the intern program, and teachers holding emergency permits are also eligible to enroll in our ET support program. Please note that Induction is a service SFUSD provides to full-time classroom teacher employees who need to clear their California teaching credential at no cost, while participation in the program is a condition of employment with SFUSD for both intern teachers and teachers on emergency permits. 

Is this support required?

Most teachers with a General Education Multiple Subject/Single Subject Preliminary Credential must complete a California approved Induction Program in order to apply for a Clear Credential. The California Standards for Induction stipulate that a teacher must enroll in the program the first year of their teaching. Teachers may check to confirm, or contact an SFUSD credential analyst. Intern teachers are required to enroll as a condition of their employment with SFUSD. 

What is the goal of this program?

  • To accelerate new teacher effectiveness through quality coaching and support in their first years of teaching

  • To improve teacher retention in SFUSD

  • To increase student achievement

  • To strengthen teacher leadership

  • To recommend successful eligible candidates for a CA General Education or Education Specialist Clear or Level II Credential

In summary, what are the program elements for the candidates?

  • Collaborate weekly with an assigned Induction coach for a minimum of 180 minutes per month

  • Use formative assessment tools

  • Submit evidence of collaboration at the end of the year, which includes the creation of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and evidence of at least two instructional cycles showing growth toward the ILP

  • Participate in classroom observations/site visits 

Where do I learn more about SFUSD’s new teacher support program?

Contact Caroline Satoda at for questions and more information.

This page was last updated on June 28, 2022