Incident at Balboa High

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Incident at Balboa High

Press Release

There was a report of a gun found at Balboa today. There was one minor non-life threatening injury reported. Balboa was placed on lockdown, and in an abundance of caution San Miguel Early Education Center, Denman MS, and Leadership HS were placed on lockdown too. As of now, lockdown at all schools has been lifted and Balboa students have been dismissed. All other schools will remain in session. 

We are notifying families of the exact location to pick up their students. The parent of the student who sustained a minor, non-life-threatening injury has been contacted. Students can access the teen health center at Balboa for support where extra staff are available now and throughout rest of the week. There are approximately 1,249 students enrolled at Balboa.


Page updated on 08/30/18