12/12/18 SFUSD to begin process of developing new student assignment system

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SFUSD to begin process of developing new student assignment system

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San Francisco (December 12, 2018) -  The San Francisco Board of Education approved a resolution Tuesday night to launch the process of developing a new student assignment system, which determines how newly enrolled students are assigned to San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) schools. The board voted unanimously in favor of the proposal.

The resolution, “Developing a Community Based Student Assignment System for SFUSD,” was authored by Commissioners Matt Haney and Rachel Norton and co-sponsored by Board President Stevon Cook and Board Vice President Mark Sanchez.

The resolution does not immediately change the current student assignment system, which first took effect in the 2011-12 school year, but calls on staff to consider alternatives to the choice-based system.  

Per the resolution, the new student assignment system will focus on elementary schools and will be predicated on greater predictability, transparency, accessibility to neighborhood options, equity and a strong commitment to integrated schools.

“This is an exciting time to rethink student assignment,” Board President Cook said. “Together we are going to create a system that ensures confidence, is easy to understand and offers predictably to our families.”

The resolution calls for Superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthews to develop a recommendation for a revised student assignment policy and an implementation plan with timelines.

In developing a revised student assignment policy, staff will develop recommendations that will strive to serve the needs of historically underserved students; facilitate access to an elementary school within a reasonable geographic distance and accessible to transit; and offer a predictable, transparent and accessible student assignment system.

The policy development process will include extensive outreach to and feedback from District advisory bodies, families, staff and the community. The Board of Education has also requested that the Superintendent conduct an analysis of transportation needs and plans, as they relate to student assignment.


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