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San Francisco (November 3, 2023) - After carefully reviewing recommendations from the High School Task Force, a synthesis of learnings from an extensive year-long process of engaging the community and examining SFUSD’s high school programs, San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Superintendent Dr. Matt Wayne will be sharing his recommendations on how to re-envision SFUSD's high schools in order to improve student outcomes. Key recommendations include high quality teaching and learning strategies as integral to high school instruction, and a framework to align student passion with a trajectory of lifelong success. Superintendent Wayne is scheduled to present a report to the SF Board of Education on Nov. 14.

The SF Board of Education approved the High School Task Force Resolution No. 225-24Sp1-Amended in June 2022, creating a Task Force that would meet for one year. The Task Force began meeting in November 2022 and finalized its recommendations on Sept. 28, 2023. Per the resolution, Superintendent Wayne has reviewed the policy recommendations from the Task Force for compliance with existing laws, adherence to the district’s stated goals and guardrails, and feasibility within the district’s operational and financial context. 

“I want to extend my deepest gratitude to the High School Task Force members and to the thousands of students, staff, families, and community members who shared their thoughts and feedback on San Francisco’s public high schools,” Superintendent Wayne said. “Your voices have been heard and are reflected in these recommendations. We are excited to build upon and expand the already amazing opportunities in our high school portfolio, and make educationally sound decisions to ensure our students are set up for college and career readiness.”

The Superintendent’s Recommendations for improving student experience, satisfaction, and outcomes in SFUSD high schools is guided by two themes that align with the High School Task Force Recommendations:

  • Students and families want choices of a range of course and program offerings that regularly engage students in the skills and knowledge reflected in the SFUSD Graduate Profile and allow them to pursue their passions and interests. 
  • Students and families want to feel connected in learning communities, whether small or large, that provide a safe and inclusive environment that supports their academic, physical, and emotional needs.

As SFUSD re-envisions its high schools, the portfolio of high schools will ensure that:

  • All students will have access to a comprehensive high school that provides them with the academic and student supports to graduate college and career ready.
  • SFUSD will provide students with alternative high school options based on student needs and interests.
  • All students will receive instruction based on our Deeper Learning Framework that focuses on the skills and knowledge in the Graduate Profile.
  • All students will receive supports that Serve the Whole Child.
  • When re-designing programs and services, the district will prioritize the needs of historically underserved students.
  • High school enrollment and assignment will be clear, consistent, transparent, and focus on matching students with their interests.

The table below describes planned changes in the admissions process. Changes to the admissions process will not take effect in the 2024-25 school year, except for assigning more students to their top three choices.

High School Admissions


Next Steps

The Board of Education will discuss but is not scheduled to vote on these recommendations on Nov. 14. SFUSD is currently in Phase 1 of the three-phased process regarding the High School Task Force. Phase 1 consists of gathering input and facts, analyzing and discussing, developing guiding principles, identifying recommendations, and achieving early accomplishments. During Phase 2, from December 2023 to June 2024, SFUSD will operationalize recommendations; identify initial implementation activities; plan for fundamental changes in instruction, supports, and access; and revise comprehensive and selective admissions processes for 2025-26. In Phase 3, from June 2024 to June 2027, SFUSD will enact fundamental changes to instruction, supports, and access; implement necessary program changes at schools; and evaluate impact of changes on student outcomes 

About the High School Task Force

The High School Task Force members included representation from students, parents, teachers, administrators, business and community leaders and partners. The High School Task Force met 11 times over the past year. Learn more about the community engagement process and work of the High School Task Force.

Read the Superintendent’s Recommendations here. Access the staff presentation that will be shared at the Nov. 14 Board of Education meeting here.