SF Board of Education Passes Resolution to Improve Inclusion and Equity in Collecting Student Data

SF Board of Education Passes Resolution to Improve Inclusion and Equity in Collecting Student Data

Press Release

San Francisco (October 28, 2020) - In an effort to better reflect the diversity of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and capture the true identities of the student population, the District will revise its data collection systems to maintain more specific racial/ethnic, national origin, language and gender specific data.

The resolution “SFUSD Data Access, Inclusion, and Partnership to Enhance Student Success,” authored by Commissioners Faauuga Moliga, Alison M. Collins, and Jenny Lam, will ensure data collection allows parents and staff to self-identify race/ethnicity, language, national origin and gender that reflects how they see themselves culturally and linguistically.

“SFUSD has a diverse student body made up of an array of ethnic groups, including over 21 racial/ethnicities and language groups. Collecting accurate student data will help schools and communities plan appropriate programs, decide which evidence-based interventions to select, use limited resources where they are needed most, and see important trends in behavior and achievement,” Commissioner Moliga said. “Data has the potential to transform education into a personalized experience that meets the needs of individuals and ensures that no student is lost along the way.”

Per the resolution, by July 2021 SFUSD will revise its data systems and points of contact -- such as enrollment forms, emergency cards, hiring forms, and the student and family portal -- for parents, students and staff, where personal information is gathered.

SFUSD will utilize this data to inform budget decisions and interventions to better support student success. Training will also be provided to prepare staff and partners to access and utilize the data most effectively.

Read the full resolution here.



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