ELPAC Assessment Administration

Summative ELPAC Testing

Here are some great resources to help sites do Summative testing: 

ELPAC Resource Folder 

ELPAC Action Items, Dates, Resources, and Contacts 

Test Coordinator Meeting Powerpoint 

FAQ (ELPAC questions on the bottom of the FAQ after CAASPP) 

Generic Parent Letters

Downloading Secure Browser Help

ELPAC Practice Tests (online)

  • District examiners from the central office will do speaking for all grades and for grades TK-2, the entire test. Site Responsibility= listening, reading, and writing (same as years past)
  • For now, Summative ELPAC is all remote ELPAC testing for now. District examiners use web based links to get speaking tests (district examiners do not need secure browsers). 
  • Site testing is through secure browser which has video monitoring inside (20 students can be tested at one time. This is the same system as SBA testing 
  • Parent Notification letters are translated and will be up on ParentVue soon and is already in the ELPAC resource folder 
  • Parent Acknowledgement is now NOT being done for both CAASPP and ELPAC and parents do NOT have to be present at the beginning of the test (this is different then Initial Fall 2020 testing). 
  • RPA is working with DoT to get secure browsers on all devices (SFUSD devices already have secure browsers installed but non-SFUSD do not have them installed- families have to install this on their own 
  • Guide to Designated Supports Illuminate form
  • Information on ELPAC, accessibility, & alternate testing is at ELPAC AAO page