E.R. Taylor Elementary School 2016-2017 Innovation Awards

The Design Challenge

How might we build empathy and trust among our staff so that we may face the equity challenges of our school?

ER Taylor Elementary School will use an Innovation Award in 2016-17 to design a culture that increases trust and communication among the staff to face the challenges of the school. Below is a description of the challenge they are focused on.


Initially, ER Taylor Elementary School began the process focused on the challenge to increase parent involvement in leadership and decision making roles at the school. When the school started talking to parents, students and teachers, they realized that there was a more important challenge at hand. They needed to shift their focus on the staff first and prioritize their trust and communication before they could build trust with their families. Rather than focusing on a set of actions, ER Taylor decided to focus on a collective vision first. Their vision statement is the following: Build empathy and trust among our staff to face the challenges of our school.

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