More Deeper Learning in SFUSD

Deeper Learning in SFUSD

Learn about SFUSD's Deeper Learning Framework and how teachers are implementing deeper learning instructional practices with their students!

Career Pathways

Watch this video to learn how high schools are using capstones and project based learning to build agency, consciousness, skills, and rigorous products that address real needs! Contact Eric Rice -

Digital Storytelling PLC

Watch this video to learn how teachers in the Digital Storytelling PLC amplify student agency, choice, and voice through podcasting and documentary making. Contact Stu Jernigan -

PBL Teacher Leaders

Watch this video to learn about the impact of Critical Friends Groups for adults to share their learning, make thinking visible, and receive feedback- the same skills we aim to develop among our students. Contact Jessica Fishman -

PE Portfolio Project

Watch this video to learn how digital fitness portfolios have increased student’s knowledge and skills in emotional and physical health, from elementary to high school!

Personalized Learning at Alternative Schools

Watch this video to learn how our alternative high schools are developing personalized learning practices and mindsets that we all can learn from! For more info, contact Alysse Castro

Personalized Learning Environments Program

Watch this video to learn how Personalized Learning Environments teachers are using innovative practices for using technology and shifting mindsets towards increased student agency.

Portfolio Exhibition

Watch this video to learn how Webster elementary teachers and central colleagues are designing and using portfolios for students to own, refine, and share their own learning and development of Graduate Profile skills!


Watch this video to learn how the QTEA Innovation Awards support school sites in addressing a relevant equity challenge in their community using the liberatory design process, coaching, and grant funds to implement new solutions.


Watch this video to learn how the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools (VILS) has equipped schools with 1:1 technology access and transformed teaching and learning at 7 middle schools.

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