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Google Chrome iconDistrict-issued devices typically come with Chrome already installed and ready to use, and Chrome is SFUSD's preferred internet browser because of its safety, security, and syncing features. If you'd like to use Chrome on a personal device, you can download Chrome from the Chrome website.

Keep Google Chrome updated to avoid bugs and glitches.

To make the most of your Chrome experience, we recommend logging into Chrome with your SFUSD account and adding extra "Chrome profiles" for other Google accounts, such as a personal Gmail account. Learn more about adding additional Chrome profiles.

Resources from other educators (external)

  • "22 Hidden Chrome Features That Will Make Your Life Easier", from PCMag (2019)

  • Chrome experiments are projects created by coders from around the world that only work in the Chrome browser. The links below take you to the overview pages for each of these experiments. You can click on "Launch experiment" on these pages to open the experiment.

    • Chrome Music Lab - create music and rhythm patterns you can share

    • AutoDraw - artificial intelligence tries to guess what you're drawing

    • Zygote Body - detailed 3D model of the human body

    • 100,000 Stars - shows you the real location of over 100,000 nearby stars

    • WebGL Water Simulation - you can play with the properties of water

    • Ancient Earth - you can look at how the physical features of the Earth have changed over millions of years

    • Inspirograph - Just like the Spirograph toy you may have grown up with, this allows you to make beautiful artwork that can be saved and shared

    • What We Eat - Explore the CO2 footprint for individual foods and diets